Vaccinations  Each time your Pet arrives at the Kennels / Cattery we will require a current vaccination certificate. This must show a booster vaccination having taken place within the last 12 months.  Dog Vaccinations must safeguard against the following diseases: Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza. Cat Vaccinations must safeguard against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis.


Kennel Cough Vaccinations  All dogs must have a current Kennel Cough  vaccination. Your dog must have this at least 7 days prior to arrival at kennels. This is NOT part of your annual booster vaccination. If you are in any doubt, Kennel Cough vaccines can be identified on your vaccination card / certificate as  ‘Nobivac KC’ (which lasts for 12 months).


Notification of Medical Conditions   The health of the boarding animals is of prime concern.  The owner must give assurance that their pet is in a fit and healthy condition and has not recently been in contact with infectious disease.  Any dog/cat showing signs of ill health will not be admitted. If an animal has a medical condition of any sort we must be notified at the time of booking. If we have not been notified of such a condition or course of medication, we reserve the right to refuse admission. If your animal is taking a course of antibiotics/medication please ensure that you have checked with your vet that they are not contagious and are safe to enter a kennel environment.  If medication is required to be administered, this will be undertaken provided the animal will accept it without resistance and that the medication can be given by a person who does not have a veterinary qualification.  Please inform us if your bitch is in season or likely to be so during her stay.


Flea/Worming Treatments  All animals must be covered by a known flea/worm treatment before they are boarded.


Emergency Contact Numbers  On your Pet’s arrival at the Kennels / Cattery you will be asked for an emergency contact telephone number. This may be a friend, relative or neighbour or even your own mobile number.


Own Risk: Although all reasonable care will be taken, animals are boarded entirely at the owners risk.  Copperhill Kennels reserve the right to ask for your pet to be removed from the premises if the needs/welfare of your pet cannot be met in normal kennel conditions or if they present a danger to staff or other animals in our care.


Diets  A high quality hypoallergenic dog and cat food is available during your animals stay with us.   If your dog or cat has special dietary requirements please ensure that full instructions are given during the checking in procedure.  If you do not wish your pet to be fed on the food we provide please feel free to bring in your own brand.  Please note there is no discount for the provision of your own food.


Bedding  We supply all bedding during your pets stay with us. If you wish to bring in a favourite blanket please keep this to a size that can be washed easily.  We cannot guarantee the safe return of any bedding items or toys that are brought in from home.


Washing / Grooming  We find that in most cases, dogs after a lengthy stay in Kennels will require a wash before they go home. This can be pre-booked  on your Pet’s arrival to Kennels. An additional charge will be levied for this service, the price being dependant on size / breed etc. This service will not be performed unless requested by the owner.


Veterinary Insurance Cover   The owner authorises the management to engage veterinary assistance for the dog/cat if considered necessary and undertakes to settle any expenses not covered by the Kennel Insurance at the time of departure. Cover does not extend to pre-existing Veterinary conditions or diseases associated with pets who are not fully vaccinated.


Basis of Charging    The daily rate is charged for the day of arrival. No pet may be removed from the premises until the full amount due for board has been paid.


Periods of Boarding  If a pet is collected before the date  previously advised, we reserve the right to charge for the  period intended.


Late Cancellation Charge  We reserve the right to charge for the whole period originally booked in the event of late cancellation, non attendance/arrival, or late adjustment to the original period booked.  During school holidays customers may be required to pay a deposit.


Aggressive / Destructive Temperaments  We do not encourage animals with aggressive or destructive temperaments. In cases where animals are left that prove to be aggressive towards other animals or staff, or destructive to our facilities, we will contact you to arrange their removal. All damage caused by an animal to any area will be chargeable to the Animal Owner.


Christmas, Boxing & New Years Day Supplements  All customers will be charged a supplement for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.