Trinity, our young standard poodle, has a skin allergy and problems with her eyes.  This prompted us to start researching pet foods and their ingredients.  We were quite shocked at some of the ingredients that can be used to manufacture pet foods.  We enjoy eating good food and like to think that we also feed our two dogs and cats good food.  Consequently, we have decided to sell our own brand of pet foods, details of which you can see below.  The Super Premium range of dog foods (as well as being hypo-allergenic) are of the same high quality as the more expensive popular brands that retail in the high street at between £40 and £50.  The Premium range of dog foods can be compared to foods that retail in the high street at between £25 and £30.



Our cats, Bonnie and Clyde, have been fed a wide variety of cat foods over the years ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive.  Their coats loved the more expensive brands so we were delighted when we introduced them to our Super Premium Range of Cat Foods to see that their coats remained shiny and that they enjoyed the tatse as well.  Again, the Super Premium Range of cat food (as well as being hypo-allergenic) is of the same high quality as the brands that retail at £30 to £40. 




Hypo-Allergenic Super Premium Dog Foods

Formulated without dairy, soy, wheat gluten or any artificial preservatives or additives


Duck & Potato (cereal and grain free as well as wheat gluten free)

Premium Puppy                        

Turkey & Rice                         

Chicken & Rice                         

Large Breed Salmon & Potato Puppy   


Lamb & Rice                         

Lamb & Rice with Verm-X                                           

Large Breed Chicken & Rice                                  

Salmon & Potato 

White Fish & Potato with Allergy-X

Chicken & Rice Small Bite




Premium Dry Dog Foods 


Working Dog Premium with Garlic&Herbs        

Working Dog Dinner with Beef & Veg            

Working Dog Dinner with Chicken & Veg        

Working Dog Beef Rings                          

Working Dog Rings with Chicken & Rice         

Working Dog Wonder with Meaty Chunks        

Gold Muesli for Working Dogs                   

Mixer Cube      



Semi Moist Cubed Treat                          

Snack Bones  



Hypo-Allergenic Super Premium Cat Foods

(Formulated without dairy, soy, wheat gluten or any artificial preservatives or additives)


Premium Cat - Salmon 

Premium Cat - Chicken

Premium Kitten




For further details on pricing and ingredients please call us on 01529 461103.