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Posted on 18th January, 2012


Here is our second newsletter!

We have finished the re-tiling of the kennel floor in the corridor and the smaller kennels. The kennels look much smarter and are so much easier for us to clean every day. Darren has fitted draught excluders to all the hatches so that the kennel block stays much warmer during the night.

We keep a selection of different sized red coats in stock so that if your dog suffers from the cold during the day we can wrap them up for you when they are playing out in the orchards.

Most of you that have been to see us recently will have noticed the new fence and gate at the front of the property. We have also been clearing the front area so that you can see the dogs playing out in the orchards when you come into the kennels. There will be more fencing going up during the winter and eventually a brand new big gate.

We have also fitted double glazed front and back doors to the kennel block. Not only does this give us extra security but it also makes a difference to the temperature inside. With the new roof (thickly insulated), tiled floors, draught excluders and new double glazed doors, the kennel block now warms up beautifully when the heaters are on in the cold.

Over the next few weeks Darren will be fitting a small kitchen unit in the middle of the kennel block. This will give us storage for the detergents, gloves, towels etc that we need to use on a daily basis.

Our next steps are to paint the kennel walls and edging, put up a music system and fairy lights and generally make it feel more homely! This may have to wait for the warmer weather as we don’t want to send your doggies home with stripes of paint on them!!

Please remember to read the new terms and conditions of boarding, you can view these on the website, request a printed copy from us or read them on the back of the booking form. When you sign your booking form, you are signing to say that you agree to our terms and conditions. Please also remember that entry to Copperhill is dependent on a record of vaccination which includes kennel cough.

We hope you all have a wonderful Xmas and Happy New Year

Darren and Juliet

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