Posted on 28th September, 2011


Greetings from Darren and Juliet


We hope that you all like the new website and now that the summer madness is out of the way we hope to keep you in touch with changes at Copperhill with a monthly newsletter.


It has been a hectic two years since we took over the business, lots of faces to meet and get to know as well as trying to improve the kennels and cattery.


So far we have replaced the kennel roof, as you are all no doubt aware it has now got skylights and is very well insulated to keep your pets warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Lots more light in the kennels to enable us to see whats going on and to keep it prisitine clean.  We have redecorated the office, introduced Copperhill Pet Foods, chopped down some fruit trees (to stop the dogs munching on plums!), painted walls, gravelled drives, introduced new storage areas for bedding and foods, employed Premier Pest Services to do a monthly check on vermin control, built a new website, along with many other small projects!!


The major project for this winter is to re-tile the floor in the kennel block.  The tiles have now been delivered and once the kennels start to become quieter we will commence the re-tiling.  The kennels will also be repainted during this time.


On a more serious note we would like to draw your attention to the new terms and conditions of boarding.  We will now require all dogs to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough as well as their normal annual booster.  We will endeavour to include some important information about Kennel Cough on the website very soon.


We have also introduced a couple of new products in Copperhill Pet Foods.  We now stock a chicken and rice small bite for our little guests and a white fish and potato with allergy x for dogs with sensitive skin.


Finally a big thank you to all our regular mums and dads for supporting Copperhill and also for the recommendations to your friends and acquaintances.  Hope you like all the pictures that we take during the year to show you that your pets CAN enjoy their kennel stay!


PS  Remember Remember the fifth of November!!!  We are generally quiet during November and Copperhill is in the middle of nowhere, so if you have a pet that dislikes fireworks, why not consider boarding with us overnight!


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